The Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute (SATTI)
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About Us

Who We Are

The Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute (SATTI)  has been treating sex addicts, their families, and their significant others for more than twenty-five years.  During that time, the depth of our expertise and experience, joined with our compassionate and nonjudgmental approach, have led to our recognition as the foremost treatment facility for sexual addiction in the New York metropolitan area.   

We offer a wide array of outpatient resources to effectively meet the needs of sex addicts whether in pre-recovery, seeking to achieve sobriety, or engaged in the ongoing work of healing the childhood trauma that so often underlies the development of a sexual addiction.  We also offer a broad range of treatment options and supports for those close to the sex addict, whether they are in a crisis stage following discovery of the sexual addiction or seeking ongoing therapy to explore their own needs, both in relation to the sex addict and in terms of their individual selves.    

Our staff includes psychologists and social workers who specialize in both treating sexual addiction and sexual codependency and in training other mental health providers, employers in business and industry, and institutions such as religious organizations and professional sports how to diagnose and treat these problems.  SATTI's therapists are skilled in individual, couples, and group treatment.  Using teleconferencing, we are able to offer long-distance (nationwide) consultation and therapy.  A board-certified psychiatrist who is knowledgeable in sexual addiction is available for consultation.  We work closely with all referring therapists and with inpatient facilities. Insurance reimbursement to the client for services provided is often possible.  Fees canmay be adjusted, based on need.

SATTI's Location

We  are located in Greenwich Village in New York City, at One Patchin Place.  Patchin Place is a private, gated street that is off of 10th Street, between 6th Avenue and Greenwich Avenue.  The A, C, E, 1, and 9 subways are nearby, and the NJ PATH train is one block from our location.

A Personal Recollection About SATTI    
by Chris Samuels, Ph.D., Executive Director


My first contact--my first aware contact—with a sex addict was in 1988.  I’d been working with a client (let’s call him Andy, to protect his anonymity) for some time and he was successfully sober from alcohol.  But despite our best efforts, Andy couldn’t stop having unsafe sex, and we were both frightened for his health.  Then one day Andy announced to me that he’d heard the term “sex addict,” immediately identified with it, and was going to go to a treatment center in Minnesota that treated it.  To be honest, I had some doubts about this new and unfamiliar label and my client’s plan to spend a month treating it!       

But luckily, despite my skepticism, Andy did go off to a sexual addiction rehab run by Patrick Carnes, and when he returned he began to teach me some essential truths about sex addiction:  It’s real, it’s primary, it’s widespread, it creates shame and despair, and it can destroy people. He also taught me that it can be deadly;  two years later, Andy died of AIDS, contracted as we feared when he was active in his addiction.  Ultimately, Andy also taught me how powerful a sexual addiction recovery can be, as he courageously took “the bridge back to life,” staying sexually sober until the end.      

In 1989 I went to Minnesota to train with Pat, coming back to NYC with excitement, enthusiasm, and the somewhat daunting awareness that I had taken only the first few steps into a vast and largely unexplored territory.  I soon found that my recovering clients themselves were among my most knowledgeable and generous guides. Through our work together over the years, I had a first-hand experience of what a complex (and compelling) problem sex addiction is.     

Soon after I returned, many sex addicts began to come to me for help, essentially because I was “the only game in town,” at that point. Then their partners, hoping to embark on their own healing journey, also began asking for help. Because of this growing need, in l992 I gathered together a group of dedicated, talented colleagues to also undertake this new work.  The name of this new affiliation was The Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute (SATTI).  

Because we were pioneers in NYC in addressing sexual addiction, we were able to forge our own treatment approach to it.  From the beginning we committed to moving beyond the kind of treatment that focused only on helping sex addicts stop their destructive behaviors.  We realized that it was essential for us to provide a deeper healing process if our clients were to achieve the truly transformative recovery they deserved   

Since that time, we’ve worked intensively to do that, bringing a whole range of expressive healing modalities together with our use of psychodynamic psychotherapy to support our clients in resolving the childhood trauma that is at the heart of sexual addiction and sexual codependency.   

Because of the devastation that sex addiction causes, sex addicts often comes to SATTI  believing that their lives--and those of their partners--are irredeemably ruined.  But so often they discover, with help, support, and encouragement, that a truly transformative experience awaits them and their families, and that a productive, stable, and loving future is coming for those who are willing to do the work of recovery.  Please call us;  we're here to help you come into recovery.