The Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute (SATTI)
One Patchin Place, New York, New York 10011  •  (212) 366 -1490 / (646) 306 - 6056

Coming Events:  Mosaic Beginners' Group, date to be announced

The Mosaic of Sexual Addiction:  From the Roots to the Recovery 
          A Beginner's Group for Establishing and Maintaining Sobriety           

Week 1.  Let’s Start a Transformative Recovery  
Group Safety
Introductions:  Who I Am, and Why I Am Here    

Weeks 2 & 3.  The Roots of the Mosaic Tree:  Where Sex Addiction Starts
•  A Nurturance Disorder              •  An Intimacy Dysfunction                 •  A Disease of Power and Control         
        •  A Dissociative Disorder            •  A Boundary Disorder         •  A Trauma Reenactment     

What Does My Mosaic Look Like . . . ?    

Week 4.  My Mosaic:  Where Did It Come From?            

Asking the Child:  What Did (Didn’t) You Get?  
Naming:  The Antidote to Blaming and Shaming  
What is Reenactment:  Trying (and Trying and Trying) to Tell Your Story and Meet Your Needs              
Asking My Child:  What Am I Really Seeking (Clue:  It’s Not Sex)  
The Addict vs. the Healthy Self 
Tracing the Acting Out Process:  I Do Have a Choice?    

Week 5.  Lessons from the Reverse Universe
Fearing my Feelings/ Feeling My Fears  
When I Act Out, I Don’t Feel; When I Feel, I Don’t Act Out  
Intensity (Past) vs. Reality (Now)  
Triggers, Thorns, and Traps    

Week 6.  HOW Do I Stay Sober?  

Honesty, Openness, Willingness  
I’m Not Going to Tell You . . .
I Don’t Think I’ll Ever . . .  
I Don’t Want to . . .     
What’s Next?