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Sexual Addiction in the Workplace

Sex is a private matter; sexual addiction is not

SATTI specializes in the treatment of the sexually compulsive employee.  This is the individual who has lost control over his or her sexual behavior.  The consequences of that loss of control on the employee’s job performance are wide ranging and, if left untreated, severe.  They include   

• diminished productivity (time lost to fantasy, absenteeism, lateness, exhaustion, loss of respect)  
• health and financial problems (STDs, unwanted pregnancies; acting-out expenses, loss of financial manageability)
• disruptions in social and family life  (marital problems, neglect of family responsibilities, divorce), 
• emotional problems (stress, depression, anxiety, shame)  
• job loss   

Sexual harassment also frequently has its roots in sexual compulsivity.   Unless the sexual addiction is quickly and effectively addressed, the problem individual is at great risk for repetitively engaging in unwanted and hostile sexual conduct.  As we know from recent newspaper headlines, the ultimate cost to the corporation, in both human and financial terms, can be staggering. 

SATTI can help the concerned professional identify the valued employee who may also be a sex addict, and we can help the addict to resolve the problem behaviors that are compromising his or her contribution to the workplace.  Retention of the employee then becomes possible.  

We offer a full spectrum of therapeutic services, and are flexible in our treatment planning in order to meet the specialized needs of the employer and the employee at all levels of corporate responsibility.  We are also able to provide consultation and assessment both pre- and post-employment as an additional screening tool. We are experts in training administrators, supervisors, and EAP personnel in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual addiction.  SATTI’s seminars on the identification and prevention of compulsive sexual harassment behavior patterns are of particular interest to the corporate world.  Our trainings are presented both on-site and at our NYC headquarters.  

Sexual Addiction and Sexual Harassment

Protecting one’s employees and clients and customers from sexual harassment has never been of greater concern.  Awareness of the painful personal and public toll such harassment can take has grown in recent years, as has knowledge of the damaging effects that sexual hostility can have on employee morale and productivity.  Costly lawsuits from both inside the corporation and outside have driven home these lessons. As a consequence, every responsible firm has by now formulated and disseminated clear guidelines to their employees as to appropriate professional demeanor and behavior.  Enormous resources have been devoted to this educational effort:  seminars, videos, pamphlets, and so forth.  Discussions to clarify the issue of sexual harassment have often been a part of this effort, conducted at length so that all workers will have the information necessary to adhere to these guidelines.  

And yet, violations still occur. At SATTI  we know why these violations occur, and can help you prevent them.  We know that in these instances–where the message about appropriate behavior has been loud and clear–the problem isn’t a lack of awareness of sexual harassment guidlelines, or even a lack of willingness to abide by them.  The problem is the employee’s inability to abide by them.  We are talking about the sexually compulsive employee.  This is a person who has lost control over his or her sexual behavior–whether it be verbally or behaviorally–and therefore is at risk for repetitively engaging in negative and harassing sexual conduct unless the problem is quickly and effectively addressed. 

SATTI specializes in the prevention and treatment of compulsive sexual behavior.  We can help you identify these troubled individuals, and we can help them to resolve their problem behaviors–in most cases so that the valued employee can safely return to the workplace, as treatment progresses.  We also are expert at training administrators, supervisors, and EAP professionals  to identify the signs and symptoms of employees who are struggling with problems involving sexual compulsivity.  Beyond being at risk for engaging in repetitive sexual harassment, the sexually compulsive individual also may show losses in productivity, may engage in excessive lateness and unexplained absences, have financial, marital, and health problems, and may suffer emotional problems related to the out-of-control sexual behaviors.  Early identification and intervention are essential both for the corporation’s protection as well as for the protection and welfare of all of your employees. Please feel free to SATTI for a consultation to discuss how we may be of help

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